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On you see solutions for consumers, small office/home office user and small to middle companies. But CRYPTAS is providing solutions for enterprises and large organisations too 

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/ cohors solutions 

COHORS is focused on security in large organisations

  • Employees of COHORS are specialists for strong authentication, single sign on, encryption etc
  • COHORS produces and implements turnkey solutions inside the challenging area of big organizations
  • COHORS creates security-relevant processes relating to the digital identity in a company
  • That way COHORS secures the company's key to success
  • COHORS preserves the ... protected identity everywhere ...


Intercede MyID - Smart Card Management 

Gemalto IDConfirm -  Authentication Server (OTP)



/ cryons products & solutions

CRYONS is an incubator for developing new approaches to challenges, which are not seen on the market before.

CRYONS Authentication

CRYONS virtual card





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