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Athena IDProtect Card & IDProtect licence


Athena IDProtect LASER ist the high end java card from Athena SCS for certificate & PKI usage, FIPS zertifiziert.


Use the newest smart card technology from Athena with Laser PKI Applet on the chip.

includes IDProtect Client Middleware Licence.


Or use it simply with minidriver via MS Base Smart Card CSP (like a Gemalto .NET card) - so no additional middleware installation needed for usage on a system.


Due to export restrictions this card can be shipped in EU countries + CH, NO, US, CAN, AUS, NZ, JP only. Contact us if you need a shipment in another country.



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The new Athena IDProtect JavaCard with LASER PKI-Applet

(incl. IDProtect Client Middleware package)


This card can be used flexibly with Athenas Middleware (IDProtect Client, CSP, PKCS#11), and using all possiblilties which IDProtect Client provides.

Or for quick success, use it with Minidriver for MS Base Smart Card CSP, just personalize it with a profile for Microsoft (Challenge Response Unblock) instead of the default one. Then this card works like a Gemalto .NET in every environment via Minidriver loaded via Microsoft Update Service.


via Minidriver the IDProtect LASER can be easily integrated into existim Windows applications like Outlook, Internet Explorer or smartcard logon.


the advantages are evident:

- no licence fees / no licencemanagement for the middleware

- optional plug'n'play functionality that loads the minidriver automatically from Microsoft Update Catalogue


The Athena IDProtect LASER is also available with biometric-support (Match On Card), contact us, if you need such a 'biometric card' in your project.




Attention: Please consider that these cards from Athena are NOT supported in OpenSC. If you are looking for those cards, you need ASECard Crypto with ASEPCOS operating system instead.



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